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Angelina Jolie leads the aircraft in real air tour

The beautiful actress Angelina Jolie renting a small plane to enjoy a tour of the aircraftleads the air itself in the skies of California.

It is known that the beautiful actress is famous for deep love for aviation, as it holdsseveral licenses and certificates that allow them to use the aircraft and its leadership.

As the newspaper "Daily Mail" did not prevent her being the mother of 6 children from going on a tour to enjoy the sky California last Friday, where she is seen taking off by plane from the airport, Van Nuys, California, and accompanied a pilot assistant sittingnext to her, while he sat in the back seat of a person last.
Hollywood star was escorted Maddox (adopted son) and Hiloh (her daughter, who was the fruit) in a similar trip to England last September while receiving some of the lessonsin aviation.
The Angelina has won a license to fly planes for the first time since 7 years after Maddoxnoted the impressive aircraft, so I decided to get a license accompanied by specialorder specifically in the different flights to enjoy his favorite hobby closely.

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