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Geologists, U.S.: California on a date with a devastating earthquake in 30 years

جيولوجيون أمريكيون: كاليفورنيا على موعد مع زلزال مدمر في غضون 30 عاما
Americans geologists beats alarm devastating earthquake threatens the state of California, located on the west coast of the country entirely. Geologists predict that the terrible earthquake strength 6.7 on the Richter scale will occur inevitably, citing an expectation that during the next 30 years.

The scientists are trying at the moment to intensify their studies so that they can anticipate the time of earthquake in the time frame is narrower, so that the authorities concerned to take necessary measures to avoid the occurrence of large numbers of victims, and to prevent material damage losses as much as possible.
To achieve this objective, the scientists measured seismic waves that are often minute, issued by the ground before the earthquake a relatively short period of time. Scientists expect that at best will be difficult for hospitals to provide assistance to the majority of patients because of the massive damage is expected, as they predict the occurrence of thousands of victims, which will lead to a severe case of frustration will haunt the people of the state.
Geologists and confirms that it's very serious, and the proportion of their expectations of up to 99%, which means that the error rate predictions are almost non-existent.According to data from scientists, the west coast of the United States is exposed to a major earthquake once every 140 years. And stresses that these things had settled quake order, despite the lack of occurrence according to this rate.
Some believe in the predictions of geologists Americans a glimmer of hope that nothing threatens humanity in the near future, especially as to predict the occurrence of an earthquake destroying California alone remains lighter than predictions are concerned, many of authenticity about the end of the world between 21 and 23 December / December of this year. And Allah knows best.
Source: Russia Today
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