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Jordanian girl kills her fiance poking him poison in a cup of coffee!

Proceeded to the Prosecutor of the Criminal Justice major cause of death QahtanQoukzh young man at the hands of his fiancĂ©e in the city of Jerash, where the prosecutorassigned charge of felony murder after being accused proceeded to kill her cousin at the age of 22 years after being planted poison in a cup of coffee and then died

After the investigation with the Accused by the Attorney General have already recognizedthe right of her fiance. And the Prosecutor has determined her arrest for 15 days in the women's section in Jweida.

It was not the girl agree to the betrothal of her cousin so I decided to poke the poison in the coffee that likes to drink, and the day before had been bought from a shop ruleAgricultural highly toxic, and when he visited the family home has poisoned the cup andthen take the shouting by severe pain in intestine was taken to hospital but he was in danger until he died
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