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Video .. Playing a satirical song instead of the national anthem of Kazakhstan in Kuwait Championship

Maria was surprised Dimitrenko satirical song playing instead of the national anthem and that while standing on the podium at the International Shooting Championship held in Kuwait

Instead of playing the national anthem Alkzakstana surprised the audience anthem fromthe movie "Borat" famous comedian, who leads the British actor satirical Sacha BaronCohen, the role of a journalist Kazakhstan named Borat Sagdyev, on a tour across theUnited States of America on his way to California to marry a star temptation WorldPamela Anderson.

Kazakh and seemed like a heroine trying to identify the tune commend her but to no avail, and went around turns This hope that recognize the "anthem" or on any of thewords in English but to no avail.

After the end of "Anthem" two seconds passed before the heroine to interact with the public greeting, greet with a smile replied, shy, and then lined with sportswear around to take pictures.

The Mission of Kazakhstan Kuwait demanded a formal apology, which he quicklyresponded, pointing out that it was a result of unintentional error.

Interestingly, also the film "Borat" banned from display in Kuwait, and perhaps be a cause of lack of knowledge of the competition based on the anthem so cynical!

Source: Yahoo Editor 

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