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A road leading to the U.S. capital "furnished" money

طريق يؤدي الى العاصمة الامريكية
Russia Today
Given the opportunity to enrich the surprise of the drivers in their cars in the U.S.marched through Baltimore - Washington, as they found part of the "road bed" securitiesthat have fallen from a car collectors money as a result of a malfunction in the back doorof the car.

The agency "Associated Press" The total value of the securities volatile over 5 thousanddollars.

And when he noticed the two of collectors money is not it lucky, stopped their car and taking money collecting volatiles from the car. But they were not, of course, alone in the desire to collect Securities, where he began other drivers stop their cars on the site and "help" money collectors in the collection of money.

And later made ​​the state police for drivers refund request, but he does not mention thenumber who responded to this request.

He had earlier signed a similar incident in Germany in the summer of last year, wherecollectors have three money bags money and reached a total value of million euros dueto the sudden opening of the rear door of the car. As noted the owners of the car what happened, tried to restore immediately the bags, but they failed to do so.
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