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NBA professional witness the longest match in 15 years

دوري السلة الأمريكي للمحترفين يشهد أطول مباراة منذ 15 عاما
Resolve the confrontation with the Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz four games after the extension of an additional 139-133, in the longest match in the National Basketball NBAfor 15 years.

This is the longest match in the league since the victory of the Portland Phoenix 140-139in the November 14, 1997, and equaled third longest game in league history, it is alsothe ninth time in league history extends the time four times.

At the "Phillips Arena" in Atlanta and in front of 13,544 spectators, a record player "allstars" Joe Johnson 8 of the points out of 37 in his fourth overtime, to lead the Hawks totheir fourth straight win.

Added Atlanta, who was fighting a third match in three days, the player bearing the Georgian Zaza Pasholaa 15 points and 20 follow-up and Josh Smith had 22 points and 10 rebounds and distributor Jeff Tighe 18 points and 9 assists, while a player bearingthe Jefferson's top scorer with losers with 28 points and 17 follow-up, and Paul Milsabwith 25 points and 13 rebounds, and scored seven players for each of the teams 10 points or more in the game.
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