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In Brazil .. Text messages and a means to combat school drop-out

في البرازيل.. الرسائل النصية وسيلةً لمكافحة التسرب المدرسي
Russia Today
Bad news for the amateur in school drop-Rod Brazilian education. From now on, it seems that the "adventures" will not go anymore without punishment from the parents, where the authorities will use one of the cities of the country's technology across an electronic chips to combat this phenomenon.

The city authorities have de Vitoria Kounkista east of the country seem to experience a unique kind of chips you use an electronic monitor trends in the movements of pupils at the school. The electronic chip attached to the clothing of students, are not affected by electronic devices during the process of washing and ironing. When the child goes beyond the threshold of the school and parents immediately receive a text message telling him so. Of chips as parents delay their children for lessons in case the delay exceeds 20 minutes.

The agency "Associated Press" The project, which was spent by local authorities, about 700 thousand dollars, called "T-shirt smart students." And the application of the pilot project is currently in 25 schools in the city, is expected to be the project affects all students who are over the age of 14 years in city schools by the end of next year.

He attributed Kuriolano Moraes, head of education in Vitoria de Kounkista why take "radical" to the need for such a briefing note of the parents to their children absent from school, since many parents have no idea that their children are running away from learning.
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