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U.S. plane makes emergency landing after the panic caused by the pilot

U.S. plane made an emergency landing at the airport in Texas, in the southern United States after its leader, shouting about a bomb on board, which led to panic among the passengers.
The pilot continued to scream for a bomb in the plane of the base before it is controlled by the travelers.

And forced the plane of the company "Jet Blue", which took off from New York heading to Las Vegas in Nevada to make an emergency landing at the airport in Amarillo after the accident, which resulted in "a medical" to the commander of the aircraft, as the company announced.
The website of the newspaper, "Amarillo Globe - News, published in the city, where the plane landed, the pilot came out shouting" Iraq, Al Qaeda, terrorism, will all die. "
The passenger station "CNN" The passenger tried to calm him down, but they were forced to hold it in front of the plane.
She said the Civil Aviation Authority that the U.S. deputy commander of the aircraft expressed concern over the disposal of the pilot in the cockpit.
A statement by the Civil Aviation Authority "when he left the cockpit (meaning toilet) closed the door of the cabin assistant."
The statement added: "When the pilot tried to return to the cockpit to prevent passengers from it. After the plane landed, local authorities have taken it and taken to an ambulance for medical tests to him. "
The airline said in a statement that "the pilot suffered a medical." She explained that the commander took over the task of another airline at the airport in Amarillo.
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