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Turkish declaration of uses Hitler denounced the wave of raises

ادولف هيتلر في 1937 
The effects of the declaration of a shampoo uses Adolf Hitler angered the Jews in Turkey and abroad and to caustic reactions toward advertising designer. 

The Jewish community in Turkey in a statement strongly criticized the announcement that is broadcast since last week "is not acceptable at all to declare that Hitler used the symbol of the brutality of the biggest (..) to discriminate or to raise attention." Tape, which lasts 12 seconds which is dubbed into Turkish with German translation shows Hitler giving a speech calling for enthusiastic men to purchase a product is "Shampoo Men's 100%." The Jews of Turkey Contact advertising agency to immediately withdraw advertising, something did not happen, stressing that they are waiting for public apologies. And outside of Turkey confirmed the anti-defamation League (ADL), based in the United States it was "very dissatisfied" to use Hitler to declare. He said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Association and a survivor of the Holocaust in World War II that the use of Hitler's "responsible for mass murder claimed the lives of six million Jews and millions of others during the Holocaust, to sell shampoo marketing strategy is a grim and unfortunate." He defended Holuse Drige designer announcement that has raised controversy for his announcement in an interview with the magazine "eMarketing Turkey." "When people Athddt the announcement of this product makes the product exists. And if they do not understand the joke, this is their problem." The announcement also sparked anger users of social networks who are condemned, mostly via Twitter language "is not appropriate at different levels."
Source:   الفرنسية
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