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The demise of the risk of collisions of space debris the station

زوال خطر اصطدام حطام فضائي بالمحطة الدولية 
Management Center announced the Russian space flight on March 24 / March, for the demise of the risk of collisions of space debris the International Space Station, where this debris flew near the station. After the demise of the risk of collision asked the astronauts to return to their workplaces.

A spokesman for the center "has still the danger, and were given orders to disarm the astronauts allowances own space and return to work as scheduled in the space station, after he moved to the vehicle" Soyuz "conjunctivitis station."
It should be noted that the danger of space debris (Russian satellite debris) was discovered on the morning of Friday, March 23 / March, where it was not able to maneuver the space station needed to avoid a collision. So he decided to Supervisor Jerry Jason space flight from the U.S. side, the evacuation of astronauts to my vehicle "Soyuz" space station conjunctiva. Accordingly, the U.S. turned Berbenk Daniel and two Russian Anton and Anatoly Chkablairov Vanychen to the vehicle "Soyuz TMA -22", and astronauts - Russian Oleg Kononako and Donald Petit and European Andre Kaobers to the vehicle "Soyuz TMA-03M". It turns out that the distance between space debris and space station not exceeding 14 km.
It is worth mentioning that this is the third time in the history of the station that the astronauts are forced to resort to the vehicle "Soyuz" in anticipation of the conjunctiva the risk of collision with space debris. The last time that came to the station where such a risk in the month of June 2011.
The following experts and the U.S. space agency about half a million goal of the debris which is taking place near the Earth's atmosphere.

Source: Agencies 
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