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Janoara Jones eat .. Placenta

Revealed the star series "Men are crazy," Jones, American actress Janoara it deals with its own placenta on a regular basis since she gave birth to her first child inSeptember / September.

Said Jones (34 years), in an interview with the magazine "People" that has help the birth of "I am careful to eat well and I take vitamins, teas and capsules placenta."

The representative said "the placenta is drying your turn to vitamins," she said, "There were about it at first, but we are the only mammals that do not eat their own placenta."

Jones said it is dealing with the capsules every day since the birth of her son, DaneZander in September / September, as dealt with whenever she felt tired, she said, "isnothing to do with witchcraft or anything else, and I would advise all mothers do."

Source: UPI 
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