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Re-wrote to the American Library after 90 years

إعادة كتب إلى مكتبة أميركية بعد 90 عاماً
Man returned to the library in the state of Pennsylvania American books were borrowedin the twenties of the last century, after a delay of about 90 years.

The network (de Kay Kay E) that Paul Kamencicka of Dormont, Pennsylvania, found the5 sets of old books and decided to donate them to the local library, which was a school in the twenties of the last century.

It was discovered later that the books borrowed from the school library is no longer at all.

Has been printed on each book that he must pay a fine of 5 cents fine for each day ofdelay in the return of books, as much as $ 1600 on a book which he had borrowed in 1924.

He guessed that the Kamencicka books to his father or his uncle, who studied inDormont school in the twenties.
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