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Titanic disaster alive and magic despite the centenary of the occurrence and

Always occupied the ship sinking accidents and disasters navigational cores people and was the most famous luxury cruise ship (R. M. S Titanic), although the centenary of the sinking on its maiden voyage.

Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 and received 1,517 died three hours after the collision the ship Mount ice and that has not subsided despite people's attention with stories of life and love and heroism that have turned the incident to the legend, surrounded by a lot of magic.
The book "Titanic .. the disaster that shook the world," TITANIC: The Tragedy That Shook the World compiled by journalists and Live pictures and stories about the ship and many of these characters among the passengers that had occupied the world a hundred years ago and to this day.
Said Robert Sullivan, editorial director of Xbox Live in New York City, "the number of the richest men in the world behind (Titanic) from France and some of the poorest of the world behind Ireland and survived a mixture of this and that. Whale turned out to be a dizzying array of stories."
The book begins with construction of the ship Royal Mail Ship Titanic as one of the three ships cruise line company adopted a cover for where to start a new era of lavish cruises.
And has been providing first-class tickets for the wealthy passengers on its maiden voyage from Southampton, which was launched in England on her way to New York, a passing Basharburj in France and Queenstown in Ireland.
The other passengers staying in places less comfortable and more simply.
For many, this chapter is over the class when the ship sank in the water. There are no pictures of her in the last moments of sinking.
But the book contains stunning images for the Irish cleric, Father Frank Brown, who rode the ship in Southampton and on to the Hirbj and then left in Queenstown before heading to the ocean to the Titanic had its fate in the depths.
The book detail about the collision fateful between the ship and the iceberg and try to send a distress wireless device, which was at the time of modern inventions and ultimately panic that hit the passengers when they realized that nothing in the ship's lifeboats enough all passengers and allowed to board the women and children first means that a large number of men will die.
Among them were Cidor Strauss is a shop owners Messi and his wife Ida, which decided to die with him.
And saved hundreds of passengers who boarded the small number of available boats to escape the ship Carpathia and was named captain Arthur Henry Rostron a few hours after the sinking of the Titanic, but many did not stand a chance and died in the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
The book also includes photographs taken through a number of tasks organized by the Scout site after the discovery of the sunken ship after 73 years, it sank to a depth of 3797 meters below the surface of the water.

Source: Reuters 
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