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«Monkey» surprise the bride in her bedroom

I was surprised Saudi girl preparing to marry the existence of a monkey inside her room, and says the girl (a. AD), who lives with her grandmother sick in the neighborhood of«Alronp» 

upscale Khamis Mushayt »I was sitting in the hall I think about the arrangements for the marriage contract, which will be, God willing, tomorrow (today),and entered to my room to be surprised that after the existence of strange animal is moving in the room was thought at first that he never .. But once approached him, it became apparent that a monkey, and took close to me slowly, and you then screaming and being called my family, to flee and climb to the upper floor and tried my family out of the house, but my father and has to climb over one of Anarat home they tried todownload it with a stick, but did not respond and when they speak with him and luring him pill fruit »Mozah» he raised his hand without, and was finally lowered the stick and put it in the laundry basket and taken to a remote mountain where the monkeyscongregate.

The district «Alronp» Khamis Mushayt «is one of the high-end neighborhoods and far from the places where the monkeys.
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