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Chinese theme park inspired by the Transformers

Over Chinese artist "Zhou Keving" Design of an entertainment park featuring models ofrobots who appeared in the films "Transformers", U.S. called "iron park robot".

Zhou design models giant simulates robotics, and design of these models of pieces ofsteel recycled, began zu models mimic the forms of cars and then established a studio of his own to receive requests for design models of pieces of iron, and began to designmodels of the park in 2010 using some of the associate youth to turn yard deserted one of the factories to the park where he was a giant models are made of pieces of iron, thiswork was funded through the sale of car models and flat, which he sold.
Zoe is designed for the park by children playing with in the city of Giusing, Zhou has received donations in the form of old pieces of iron and car parts in order to complete his project.

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