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Turkish television program linking the Russian intelligence and the jinn

برنامج تلفزيوني تركي يربط بين المخابرات الروسية والجن
Russia TodayConnect one television programs broadcast by channel "TRT" among the jinn and Turkish intelligence, where he said the program in advance that the intelligence agencies of different countries use the help of the jinn in their activities, but the Russian intelligence tops the list.

Quoted by Turkish media that journalists Mohammed Chiker and Omar Aozakaya providers one of the programs aired by the recent channel "TRT" Turkey announced on the air directly to the Central Intelligence Agency, "CIA" and a "Mossad," Israel's turn to help the jinn in the collection of various information. But the Russian foreign intelligence superior to the other intelligence agencies in dealing with these objects are invisible, especially in the collection of confidential information about submarines.
Went periodic reports beyond that, where the view Ozakaya the viewers the story of one aide to late Turkish president Turgut Ozal, who met in a few days an employee of the agency, "NASA" space U.S. asked him to organize a meeting with a specialist in magic and astrology to clarify "whether it was possible to use the Jinn to remove faults in the satellite. "
And restores the subject of witchcraft and objects of the world invisible to the memory activities and spiritual author and explorer Russian Yelena Plavatskya that lived in the 19th century, which has traveled multiple parts of the globe, including Egypt, France, South America, Greece, India and Tibet where she learned in Tibet, "the ancient wisdom." The Plavatskya Her doctrine of "Theosophical Society". And attributed to spiritual mediation and the ability to predict things that never were.
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