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Malaysian shop offers single young ladies to his clients when purchasing a pair of shoes!

In the presentation of promotional offers is totally different from the usual retail outlets; volunteered to provide a shoe store Malaysian young single women to his clients when buying any shoes of his squad.
The shop and put a declaration on its face, a large glass is stated that "as in fiction ..Buy shoes and get a date with a young man free. "

And yet in the social networking site "Facebook" shows the declaration: "Imagine this ..A man who knows your taste in the selection of shoes and can be purchased by you ..It's a dream come true .. Now you can find everything you're looking for in Goods Shoes Shoes Shoes. "
The announcement sparked worldwide interest; for being the first of its kind; it reached the shop to deal with the specialized site Ptaref people and arrange for joint meetings between them, according to the magazine "Forbes".
Under the deal, choose the men they like shoes on the website. When you purchase this shoe lady known to his fans the shop, hoping to ignite a spark between them and love them later.
Not only does the shop this offer, but is the ladies in the form of a discount voucher offered to the young girl at the completion of the first meeting between the two definitions.And on the web page, readers comments varied between supporters of the idea and rejects it, as it kind of "prostitution shoes."
The organizers of the page as a process is optional; as the customer can provide a little information about themselves to see the man who share the same admiration for shoes, and can you meet that was to have an interest in advance.
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