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Adjust the two deputies Indian red-handed watching pornographic sexual images in the parliament!

ضبط نائبين هنديين متلبسين بمشاهدة صور جنسية إباحية داخل البرلمان!
Adjust Indian journalist while covering a meeting of the Parliament of his country's two deputies caught viewing pornographic sexual images on a computer screen during the meeting.

The President of Parliament according to the newspaper "The Times of Andia"confiscated the computer and sent to a laboratory to verify the incident, and proveagainst MPs Jitha Bharwad and Shankar Hodhara belonging to the party, "BJP", which is the second largest political party in the country.
He denied the charge Hodhara MP, said: "It was the drafting of letters and other official documents relating to the hearing and that the parliamentary press grooming him to do that due to poor lighting inside the parliament building," considering a conspiracy chargeagainst him.
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