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Kuwaiti girl having an affair with her ​​colleague and avenge her father to steal her boyfriend!

فتاة كويتية تقيم علاقة غرامية مع والد زميلتها انتقاما منها لسرقة حبيبها! 
Kuwaiti girl was referred to the investigation, after a colleague accused her of insultingher father, in a dispute over a young man, according to the newspaper "opinion" of Kuwait.

A security source said that the two girls linked by friendship, and were in a cafe locatedin Salmiya, the capital of Kuwait, where I saw young exchange with them glances of admiration that has developed to talk to one and win and her son, to ignite jealousy in the heart of her colleague, and quarreled with her and accused her of stealing the youngones.

The security source said "winning the heart of the young man had received telephone messages from her friend abused her and where her father," which states: "I am your father on a private affair," and "you took up my friend, I took your father."

He pointed out that "the girl made ​​copies of letters to the investigations around me andbeing accused of calling for an investigation into the issue of libel and defamation."
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