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Pictures .. "Rapunzel" her hair and a half meters, decided to sell it at 3500 £

Natasha Moars de Andrade, which at the age of 12 years did not think her hair cut inlongevity, but decided to cut her hair in order to sell it.

Natasha, known as the "Rapunzel" Shanti live in the city of Rio de Janeiro poor Braziliandid not cut her hair corrugated brown color, which has a length and a half metersthroughout her life. 
And requires cleaning her hair 4 hours per week and package full of shampoo, and it takes styling and a half hours a day, and you need the girl to herewith When she and removing him aside when you sit down, and despite the fact that Rio temperature high, but that the family of Natasha can not run the fan because they cause hair Natasha. 
And Natasha's mother said that at the age of 42, her daughter's hair that fans ask her not to cut, but the story of Natasha ask because it is hampering her life, they are not able toexercise, nor do many things such as her friends.

She said her mother sometimes that people in the street stopping Natasha, and ask to touch her ​​hair and photographed, and felt Natasha cost us about £ 400 a year on the purchase of cleaning and taking care of him, and this amount is for us a large sum. 
Natasha said: I love my hair long and will be very sad when the story, but it is painful totake care of it I can not do a lot of things because of it, such as physical education inschool and a private pool. 
Natasha said: "I hope that I sell my hair at 3500 pounds sterling for the renewal of my bedroom I wish to live a new life." 
The longest hair in the year recorded in the Guinness Book of Chinese Kioubing, with a5.63 meters.

Source: Seventh Day 
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