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American student calls 600 Sexy star to accompany him to the graduation ceremony

طالب أمريكي يدعو 600 نجمة أفلام جنسية لمرافقته إلى حفل التخرج 
Mike Stone called Twitter 600 Sexy star to accompany him to his graduation ceremony of one of them I agreed but the administration denied him broughtThe New York Daily News that Stone (18 years), who began a successful campaign on Twitter earlier this month to get the company of star sex films to the dance, told yesterday that it is forbidden for a woman who chose to bring to school

He received the news of the sixtieth of the beholder official, who advised him to choose another girl. Stone said, commenting on it: "He told me that it is not a good thing to do that, I told him I want to do it just to see what happens
For its part, expressed pornographic actress Megan Piper, which agreed to call Stone, their disappointment with the prevention, said: "I was surprised, I am the type who likes to go to that ceremony already, but I understand their decision." She said she wanted to meet with the people of Stone, and receive a bouquet of it offline, and to stand for the graduation ceremony photos.
This used the sixtieth state fame sudden spread quickly on the Internet, and some observers have him on Twitter, tried to start a campaign to allow him to Friendly Piper to the dance, and was named a Alhastagat, who started from Minnesota, "born immediately after Broom" any star Sexy for the graduation ceremony.
For their part, county officials said in a statement that the presence of Piper to the school would violate the policies related to visitors.
Stone said about the ban: "I will not allow the school to attend the dance has said they will arrest him if you try to come."
For his family Stone said they were angry from it, and added that his mother, "Gent said because of this I am embarrassed now." 
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