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Ronaldo may be linked to the bar of its assets Swedish fashion

مالينا هل تحل محل إيرينا 
About Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo to start a new project a romantic relationship with Spanish supermodel "Malena Costa" as seen with her in a ceremony at the Museum of Modern Art Spanish capital, Madrid.

And started speculation about the possible love story in the strictest confidence, especially in light of concern Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Russian supermodel Irina Shaik in ceremony for the film "Hengrz James," which was held in New York.

And the exchange of Ronaldo talk with Spanish supermodel at a Museum of Modern Art Spanish capital Madrid, where he expressed his admiration for strong personality, and went after the concert to one of the nightclubs, stay up until the morning.

The relationship secret on the sidelines of social problems faced by the Portuguese in the completion of his marriage to supermodel Russian Irena Shaik, which strained their relationship because of the objection of his mother after having rejected Shaik sitting next to his mother in the main compartment in a match Real Madrid, and picked up the cameras this position cause a major embarrassment for Ronaldo.

Works Malena (22 years) from the assets of Swedish fashion model, in addition to their appearance as the face of advertising known to one of the famous products for aromatherapy, as was the relationship with the emotional leader FC Barcelona Carles Puyol but their relationship has ended after continued for a period of more than a few, the magazine justified had witnessed this the great difference of age between the player and Malena Puyol in addition to travel between now and then the other and this is what led to the failure of the relationship altogether.

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