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The family of an Egyptian man kills daughter for his assault by beating because of household expenses

عائلة مصرية تقتل زوج ابنتهم لقيامه بالتعدي عليها بالضرب بسبب مصروف البيت
Raised a family and relatives of the deceased in the street safe in Giza, panic and terror among the population of the region to avenge the killing of their son at the hands of his wife's relatives in Hawsha broke out between them.

Relatives of the victim threw Molotov cocktails and bullets they fired on houses accused of killing their son, causing the combustion of a number of houses of their own.
Security services in Cairo, received a communication from parents about the incident, and found a printing press worker and carpenter and butcher slaughters her sister andson-named gentleman. As for his assault by beating and swearing at Hawsha foughtbecause of the household expenses.
Having learned of his death family of the victim, went to the homes of the accused to kill him and threw Molotov cocktails and firing on homes, sparking panic and terror amongthe people, propagated to control the fire and took over the prosecution of the investigation.
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