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Iraqi immigrant beaten to death in California and find the message to its side and described as terrorists


Iraqi immigrant who died in California after being severely beaten, and found to hermessage and described as terrorists and demanding a return to her country.

The media reported that in California Shaima Valley (32 years),

 a mother of five childrendied on Saturday after three days of her teenage daughter to find them on the land of the dining room at the family home in the Cajun region in southern California has beenseverely beaten.

And daughter Fatima Hamidi said in an interview with the channel (so that U SA) that her mother hit her head on a metal tool on its side and left a message in which he said"Go to your country, O terror."

Was transferred to Valley hospital, but doctors declared it a dead brain.

Police said the family had previously received a similar message earlier this month but did not inform the authorities.

The friend said the family wall-Zaidi said in an interview with the website (UT SanDiego) It seems that the attack took place after that took the father the younger childrento school Wednesday morning, and explained that the family of Iraqi origin and that thevalley a woman, "a humble and respectful and veiled."

Police said they were investigating the possibility that the attack was the result of a hate crime.

It is noteworthy that about 40 thousand Iraqi immigrant living in the Cajun region in Southern California.
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