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To judge the Liberians shredding pieces since six in the morning until six in the evening

Liberia returned once again to the limelight through the case in which the judiciary has issued his death, in spite of the Monrovia and in 2005 signed an international treatyprohibiting the implementation of this provision. The court convicted the accused ofkilling his execution of a judgment "cut to pieces", prompting the defendant to submit an application to appeal.

He hopes the young William J. Douai to reduce his sentence after being convicted of killing his fiancee Ffinelsaa Karsoa aged 28 years. According to the rule of Supreme Court Justice (Temple of Justice in accordance with the local name), it should be "cut to pieces the offender so far, and his death, or six in the morning until six in the evening", as reported by the Liberian media.

In this regard, defense counsel said that the international treaty signed by the Liberiancourt may be necessary to abolish the death penalty. As attorney general he consideredthat there is no international treaty is superior to the country's constitution.

Source: Russia Today 
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