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A prison sentence instead of the honeymoon

عقوبة السجن بدلا من شهر العسل 
Sentenced a British man (37 years) 6 years in prison set fire to the hotel was planning ahoneymoon with his sweetheart, which recently got married to her.

The agency "Sky News" news that the British Max Kay, an employee in one of thecontractors and father of four children, set fire to a hotel "Bjkovrton Castle" CountyCheshire, northwest England, after an altercation with an employee of the hotel, who declined to provide room reserved in advance of the British, who pay her meeting with23.781 dollars.

Raised the anger of rejection Kay, who was drunk, set fire to a curtain in one of hotelrooms, and immediately spread the flames to the wooden furniture, causing a fire.

The work resulted in reprisal for the evacuation of 200 inmates from the hotel where the damage is estimated to hit $ 9.4 million. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire exceptthat Kay himself was postponed honeymoon for a long time.

Source: Russia Today 
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