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Conviction of a British mother gave teenagers "an opportunity" to have sex with them as a reward

إدانة أم بريطانية منحت مراهقين
British woman faces at the age of 42 years in prison after being granted the teens "a chance" to have sex with them as a reward for them to break down a car to rival the heart of her lover, according to Mead Day.

Davina Travi and sank her tears after the judge found her in Dorist guilty of sexual abuseagainst minors.
And managed the mother of five children, disciples of a school in the thirteenth andfourteenth of the aged to take place before a deal with them, and after that abandoned by her lover for another woman.

Travi said it will exercise for teenagers sex with them if they smashed car Stice RT, a Peugeot 306. And kept its promise already having returned to the car carrying the plateas proof of what they have done.

Travi has denied the accusations to exercise any sexual activity with a child undersixteen years of age, but the court found guilty after two weeks of deliberations.
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