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Rebecca Brooks arrest former Executive Director told the News of the World

Rebecca Brooks was arrested on the back of the phone tapping scandal 

British authorities arrested Rebecca Brooks, former Executive Director told the News of the World, against the background of the investigation into allegations of eavesdropping on the phones.Police also arrested, along with Rebecca, five people, including her husband's race horse trainer Charlie Brooks.It was the arrests of six people in the County of Oxford and the capital of London and the provinces of Hampshire and Hertfordshire.Police said the woman and five men were detained on suspicion of plotting to disrupt the course of justice.Foundation said that the director of News International Security by Mark Hanna of the six people detained.Have been arrested Rebecca Brooks, former editor of the British newspaper The Sun in her home province of Oxfordshire, were also arrested her husband and two policeman in custody in two separate places.Scotland Yard are under way, an investigation into a media company to eavesdrop on the phone over the past 10 years.The newspaper was closed «The News of the World» last year on the back of the scandal.Investigators said that nearly six thousand public figures, celebrities and soldiers and victims of terrorism and crime were to eavesdrop on messages from their mobile phones before reporters from News International.The News newspaper, or a born and has accused the British to eavesdrop on the phone some relatives of victims of the bombings in the British capital of London on July 7, 2005.The Foundation News International, owned by media magnate Rupert Murdoch, has closed the newspaper after eavesdropping scandals are "illegal" to citizens and to provide bribes to police officers for information.The News of the World is owned by News International, which in turn is part of the Foundation News Corp media giant.It was reported that the newspaper had paid bribes in order to obtain illegally on the mobile phone number of a girl killed in the attacks when she was still missing at the time.

Source: BBC Arabic  

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