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Things I do not know about the actor Johnny Depp

Of the best representatives of Hollywood, always have a special taste of his films, his roles vary because of his talents that without limits, but outside the film world there are facts that we know about Johnny Depp.

Chinese theme park inspired by the Transformers

Over Chinese artist "Zhou Keving" Design of an entertainment park featuring models ofrobots who appeared in the films "Transformers", U.S. called "iron park robot".

Lindsay Lohan to end five years of judicial oversight

الممثلة الأمريكية لينزي لوهان في لوس أنجلوس الخميس (صورة لرويترز من ممثل عن وكالات الأنباء)
(Reuters) - ended American actress Lindsay Lohan has been smiling a smile of satisfaction about five years of being subject to judicial control and the judge advised her in Los Angeles that the mature and stop frequenting nightclubs.

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo beat Nadal in the tennis match, "feet"!

Written Yahoo
Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal

Real Madrid deletes the "cross" of the logo out of respect for the Islamic religion

ريال مدريد يحذف "الصليب" من الشعار احتراما للدين الإسلامى
The seventh day
Spanish press reports revealed that the Department of Real Madrid has issued a formal decision, hide "the cross" logo of the club, in the products and places for the club in the Middle East.

Three recruits take turns raping a girl inside a police vehicle Dakahlia (Egypt)

ثلاثة مجندين يتناوبون اغتصاب فتاة داخل عربة شرطة بالدقهلية
The seventh day
Rotation of three recruits belonging to the General Directorate for the Investigation of Dakahlia rape of a girl not older than the second decade for more than three hours, yesterday evening, inside a vehicle belonging to one of the departments of the Directorate of Security Dakahlia, and in the morning, Thursday, took her back to her family in a village in the center of AGA, and threw the arrest of one of recruits, and they handed him over to the police station and confessed to recruit a full report on the incident.

Jordanian nurses reluctant to aid a child almost choked and the mother holds the job

ممرض أردني يحجم عن إسعاف طفلة كادت تختنق والأم تتولى المهمة
The size of the nurse anesthesia technician to do their part in the ambulance if a child was suffering shortness of breath during transportation in an ambulance official, while the mother responded to the task I wrote a second life for the baby the same year and a half, after nearing death from suffocation.

The most common video «Youtube»: two years old child imitates Elvis Presley

Record video posted on YouTube for a child aged two years a record number of visitorsexchanged between reaching more than 1.2 million times while the total number of Views7.8 million times.


A road leading to the U.S. capital "furnished" money

طريق يؤدي الى العاصمة الامريكية
Russia Today
Given the opportunity to enrich the surprise of the drivers in their cars in the U.S.marched through Baltimore - Washington, as they found part of the "road bed" securitiesthat have fallen from a car collectors money as a result of a malfunction in the back doorof the car.

Girl kicked out of the contest "Miss Canada" because it is man!

فتاة تُطرد من مسابقة
Russia Today
Canada has seen in recent days has brought scandal to the attention of the country, local media and international, with the exclusion of one of the posts in the competition"Miss Canada" after they discovered a transsexual, which violates the rules ofparticipation in the race.

Buried Sniper "Toulouse" in France after Algeria refused to receive his body

Russia Today
Mohammed, who was buried stages launched by the French media, the name "sniperToulouse" in the Muslim section of the cemetery Korenbario in the suburb of the city ofToulouse, 

Turkish television program linking the Russian intelligence and the jinn

برنامج تلفزيوني تركي يربط بين المخابرات الروسية والجن
Russia TodayConnect one television programs broadcast by channel "TRT" among the jinn and Turkish intelligence, where he said the program in advance that the intelligence agencies of different countries use the help of the jinn in their activities, but the Russian intelligence tops the list.

Car owners "SMART" are the most aggressive on the roads

صاحبات سيارات
Russia Today
An opinion poll conducted by "Naosbol" in Australia that the owners of small cars known as the "Smart Car" to show more aggressive tendencies and harshness while driving, note that most of them women.

In Brazil .. Text messages and a means to combat school drop-out

في البرازيل.. الرسائل النصية وسيلةً لمكافحة التسرب المدرسي
Russia Today
Bad news for the amateur in school drop-Rod Brazilian education. From now on, it seems that the "adventures" will not go anymore without punishment from the parents, where the authorities will use one of the cities of the country's technology across an electronic chips to combat this phenomenon.

Stories of survival from death breathtaking

How those still alive? Certainly would submit a question when you read the story ofsurvival following list of certain death.

Video: the camera captures an embarrassing situation for goalkeeper Iker Casillas Real Madrid

Picked up the camera lenses, Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas in an embarrassing situation just before the beginning of the game with the club in the Cypriot APOEL go the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Cities to prevent death

Cities to prevent death

Hospitals turned into a museum of horror

Go to the hospital to receive treatment and we hope to come out in better condition, but some places were a wall to hide inside most types of torture, which is created around a lot of rumors about those who are still suffering inside, despite the closure of most of them formally, to the extent that some may turned into a shrine for fans of horror, here'sthe most famous hospitals.

Fashion high heels for men in India

Seems to be wearing high heels will not be limited to only women, began to appear in India Fashion wear high heels for men to become part of their clothes cabinets.

Newspaper: the cost of jet Alwaleed bin Talal, the new up to $ 500 million

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain's The final cost of a private jet will be delivered to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal will be $ 500 million. The newborn has booked in 2009 and is expected to be received this year.

Scribble sold more than 7 thousand dollars!

خربشة تُباع بأكثر من 7 آلاف دولار!
Scribble sold the artist depicts the famous Damien Hirst shark by the blue, at a public auction was held in the British capital, for more than 7 thousand dollars.

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