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Yemen's opposition rejected a speech in favor of


Leaders refused to Senior Yemeni opposition the contents of the speech of President Ali Abdullah Saleh of readiness for a peaceful transition of power through early elections, oversees the organization and its commitment to the initiative of the Gulf, and considered to be part of the "political Olaibh."
Said a leading activist in the revolution of Yemen assigned Kerman, "The young people are not with the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council .. We oppose and call for trial of all crimes committed."
"For us, it is not a president Ali Saleh of Yemen, has been ousted in months."
Saleh said in a speech broadcast on state television on the eve of the 49th anniversary of the revolution of Yemen that he would hand over power, and proposed to achieve that presidential and parliamentary elections and local early, and stressed his commitment to the initiative Gulf, and delegated his deputy Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi for signature and on the mechanism of implementation.
He accused Saleh - in his first speech after returning from a trip to the country hospital in Saudi Arabia for more than three months after he was injured in an attack on a mosque in his palace - his opponents behind the power running, and asked them to sit at the table of dialogue and resorting to the ballot box.
And denounced the senior leader of the opposition Yemeni Islah Party, Ali Jaradi, including the benefit came in a speech, saying "It's a political game to ease international pressure." The Ali Saleh tried to act as if the problem of Yemen's political, not revolution. "
The senior leader of the party leader Ahmed maritime right, it was considered "Ali Saleh did not provide a new, and that he lost more time as usual."
He warned that "the young pro-democracy would step up his position because they have lost hope in favor of anything to say."
For its part, said a leading activist in the ranks of young people change Faiza Slimani The "letter of Ali Abdullah Saleh, a waste of time, did not provide a new .. for trying to have a pretext to kill people, and always trying to escape from the responsibilities."
And confirmed the continuation of the protest movement against the ruling in favor, saying "We will continue to Tsaidna peaceful, and young people know what is their mission."

Denied resignation
The interview coincides favor of early elections with sources in the German delegation led by Minister of Development Dirk gallant met with Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-on the sidelines of a World Bank meeting in Washington that the plans for elections early next year.
There had been rumors since Friday that Ali Saleh announced his resignation, but the government spokesman slave soldier was quick to deny it.
The speech came two days after his return from a sudden and inflamed the already volatile security situation, and was the primary Mashahda armed clashes between the Republican Guard - led by his son Ahmed - and forces loyal to the demonstrators, which killed since the beginning of the month hundreds of dead and wounded.
Face valid since February last mass demonstrations demanding he leave, but hold on to power saying he wanted to first ensure the transition was peaceful, and fell three times in a row for the signing of the initiative Gulf states to step down within a month of Aamadaúha and delivery of power to his deputy, and form a government of national consensus under the leadership of the opposition, is against him and his immunity from prosecution.
The speech coincided with an invitation to step aside in favor of her face to the most important allies and Washington and Riyadh.
New callsWashington has asked him again to "complete and immediate transfer" of power, and considered the king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, in a speech yesterday GCC initiative - which provides a step down in favor of - the only way out of the crisis.
It also urged the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States to sign the noble Arab initiative, and called on all parties to the crisis to stop the violence and launch a serious dialogue.
Dan and the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council Saturday of the violence and asked to form a committee investigation, and called Ali Saleh to step down and urged the parties to the conflict to "restraint" and declare a full cessation of fire.
He holds the call for restraint and rejection of violence is also a Security Council statement issued Saturday.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies

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