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Three killed in U.S. plane crash

Two people were killed and dozens injured Friday in Reno, Nevada (western United States) when the plane crashed in an old review of air close to the public, is, according to U.S. media.
The local television station, "Kolo" - citing a medical clinic close to the scene - that at least two people were killed, but the toll could rise, as the media have talked about the fall of the 12 dead and 75 wounded.
Did not confirm any official source yet the outcome of the incident. However, the president of the air race in Reno, Mike Hutton said he believed the deaths in the ranks of spectators, according to images broadcast by local television station, "or as the BBC."
For his part, said the witness, Gerald Lint told the Reno Gazette Journal "It's a massacre, as if a bomb had exploded." He pointed out that "a man who had broke into two parts and there is blood everywhere .., there are hands and legs."
Mike Hutton explained that the pilot had died apparently, it works in real estate in Florida and at the age of 80 years, according to television stations.
Hutton noted that the incident was almost completely destroyed the front row of the podium.
A videotape released on the American television stations and on the Internet showed the plane - a type of Musting P-51 dating back to World War II - has crashed near the podium after it struck the ground. It is nevertheless difficult to see if they had crashed directly to the public or nearby.
According to a spokesman for the event, the race was going on between the old aircraft, and was captain of the aircraft in the first or second session of the race when he made a distress call before the plane crashed.
"I do not know the cause of the crash. Contacted the pilot of the plane and came out of the race, and this is what happens when there is a problem."

Source: agencies

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