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South Bulgaria riots

Side of the riots in the village of Katunesta (French)
Arrested more than 120 people during one of the worst civil unrest in Bulgaria many years ago, after a bus ran over and killed a teenager in a small town south of the country.

The riots broke out and violence in the south-east of the town of Plovdiv Katunesta second major cities in Bulgaria on Friday evening when a bus crashed into a small led by a man linked Bkairel Raskov - who himself Caesar Roma - 19-year-old man and killed him.
The police and national forces patrolled the streets of the town after setting fire to several houses and smashing cars owned Raskov local leader of what is known as Roma.

Chief Secretaries of the Ministry of the Interior Kalin Georgiev told a news conference in Plovdiv on Sunday that the police took prompt and appropriate action to maintain civil peace, and arrested nearly 127 people and 28 of them were accused of bullying.

Georgiev said that more than 500 angry residents gathered in front of a house Raskov, and called for his expulsion and his family from the village with a population of 2300 people.

And was 16-year-old boy fainted during the protest and died later in hospital due to heart failure, his family said he recently underwent heart surgery.

He was convicted Raskov (69 years), known as Tsar Kiro several times during the communist era before 1990, foreign exchange trading and dealing in gold illegally, and in 1998 founded a political party aims to facilitate the entry of Roma in the political and economic life.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told reporters that "this criminal case, and we all have to look at it from this angle only.

Since its accession to the EU in 2007 Bulgaria has failed to convince the other EU countries effectively reforms to combat corruption, especially as it relates to organized crime.

Source: Reuters

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