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Significant demand for Windows 8 demo

Witnessed the trial version put forward by the U.S. software company Computer giant Microsoft last Tuesday of the new operating system Windows 8 and a high demand of users who have started to download this version to be used, which promises great success for this release.

The company's chief executive Steve Ballmer that during the first 24 hours to put this version was downloaded 500 thousand times, and added Ballmer told a conference of software developers in the "Anaheim, California" The initial response has all that "we had hoped." Palmer added that "Windows 8 is an important step is reshaping the Microsoft."

He described the Sector Manager, Windows, Microsoft Stephen Sanowski Windows 8 as the most significant update to Windows since Microsoft introduced technology and desktop mouse and the user interface depicted in Windows 95.

It is expected to put the new system on the market in 2012 to replace the system and Windows 7, one of the most successful operating systems in the history of Microsoft, having sold 450 million copies of it almost since its inception.

Analysts say that Windows 8 will be a vital development for the future of Microsoft and its only chance to narrow the gap with rivals such as Apple and Google, which occupy a large share of the market for the Tablet PC.
The new system is designed to work with the same efficiency with the PC and the Tablet PC in an attempt by the computer software empire to face the growing competition posed by the iPhone and any devices produced by Bad Apple rival.

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