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NASA plans for a giant space rocket

Senator Ben Nelson (right) and an official from the NASA press conference dedicated to the giant rocket
Administration revealed Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today announced plans to build giant rockets to reach deep space, and carries astronauts to the moon and Mars and other locations far from the International Space Station at a cost of $ 18 billion.
NASA identified in 2017 as the date for the launch of the first test flight of the rocket from the Kennedy Center, Florida, in the context of what is known as space launch system.
In addition to the billions ten will spend until the first test flight of the missile, have been allocated six billion dollars, the other dedicated to the construction of the capsule, "Orion", which will carry astronauts to the depths of space, taken from the "Konstelchen" to explore the moon, which abolished the government of President Barack Obama.
It also will spend one billion dollars to renew the base of the launch of spacecraft of NASA in Florida to accommodate the new missile, which will be the most powerful booster rocket "Saturn", which was used in the era of spacecraft "Apollo," which carry crews and equipment to the moon between 1969 and 1972.
He described the Bill Grstnmayr Assistant Administrator for Space Operations at NASA in a video teleconference, the giant rocket project that offers a huge step forward in space exploration.
The announcement of the project after an argument with the Congress took years for the cost of the project and its objectives and technical specifications. The Department plans to Obama, while obtaining an estimate of the cost of an independent on the space launch system.

Source: Reuters

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