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Seven billion people living planet

Image by eutrophication&hypoxia via Flickr

According to a study issued statistic, the German Institute for Demographic development of the peoples of the earth's population will be in October / November next seven billion people, an increase of one billion people of the world's population in 1999.
The study pointed out that the continents of Asia and Africa have achieved a high rate of population growth between the continents of the world, and became sub-Saharan Africa is the region in the world in terms of high rate of population increase.
They noted that the decline in fertility rates and reproductive capacity in Europe to less than two children per woman on average, offset by the arrival of the same rate in Africa to seven children per woman.
A study of the German Institute that the widening gap of population between the continents will play an important role in changing the balance of power among its members over the coming years, pointing out that India with 1.2 billion people has become a candidate to become in a short period the state most populous in the world instead of China, which proved a population at 1.3 billion people.
The study said the number of people in Nigeria - which is more populous countries of the African continent - a candidate for the high of 162 million currently to 750 million people in the middle of this century.
The study compared the rate of growth and decline of population in industrialized countries such as Germany and other developing countries such as Ethiopia, which exceeds the population of each eighty million people.

Rising and falling
She said that Ethiopia's population is likely to rise during the next forty years to 176million people, while the expected decline in the current number of residents in Germanyin the same period to 72 million people will be the main base of the older and the elderly.

The study also indicated that the link between the exponential rise in population growth in the state and the increasing weight in the international arena, it seems clear in thecases of countries such as China, India and Brazil, which has a population of 194 millionpeople.

She noted that the analysis of the conditions of the population in 103 countries showed that the medium-developed countries has the potential to achieve faster growth thanks to the pyramid base population consisting of younger generations.

The study showed that Bangladesh is an example of these countries where thetransformed during the last fifty years of the country with a population explosion, they lack the elements of the infrastructure and reached the level of education to a catastrophic situation, the state has made a leap high growth because of the ownership of a broad spectrum of the workforce younger are eligible, and the education systemdeveloped, and the proportion of elderly and low population growth rate healthy.

Source: Al Jazeera

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