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Louis XIII of France

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Louis XIII (September 27, 1601 - May 14 1643) Ruler of France and Navarre of 1610 to 1643. His life
Born in the royal palace, Louis XIII is the eldest son of Henry IV of France (1589-1610) and Mary Medici. And he became the oldest son of the king is the successor of the throne of France. His father was the first king Purbona The rule of France, and was succeeded by his cousin, IX, Henry III, King of France (1574-89), in accordance with French law. Louis XIII was due to his origin, his grandfather Anthony de Bourbon, the Duke and Gian Vindom Albert, Queen of Nirvana. The other grandparents were Francesco Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and Johanna, Arushdoukh Istria, and Alenora Medici, his aunt, his mother is spiritual. Student of Louis XIII throne in 1610, at the age of eight and a half, after the assassination of his father. His mother acted as guardians of the throne that was to Louis XIII the age of thirteen, but due to the strength and Tgha to the throne he had received the power and began to actually control the government when it reached the age of fifteen. Konseno Konseno assassination (April 24, 1617), which greatly influenced the policy of Mary, and denied to Mary Lewis, completely stripped of its power. Then came Louis ruler of France. And filled his part with friends and loyal to him who were beyond his mother to be saved. Under the reign of Louis XIII, following the constant strain on the throne Alborbdon this because Henry IV has a safe, but the question of freedom of religion continued to haunt the state. Genius and activity Cardinal Ritchelao played a key role in the reign of Louis XIII of 1624, and led to the formation of the fate of France during the 18 years that followed the verdict. As a result of the work Ritchelao, became Louis XIII, and one of the many examples of absolute king. Under the reign of Louis signed Alhabesborgion under humiliation, France became the nobility behind the line of the King, and the political and military security and the survival of his government Alhbesborgion governance.

Personal relationships

On November 9, 1615 when completed its fourth century, married Louis XIII th PrincessAlhabsberg Awstrella the Queen (1601-66), wife of King Philip III of Spain (1578-1621).This marriage was Following the traditions of the military and political forces were among the Catholics in France and Spain. Return tradition marriage of King Philip King of Spainin 1559 as part of a peace treaty between them. Sexual relationship did not start (andafter the wedding) before the year 1619 (when he completed the eighth century). The marriage was happy, and duties of the King made ​​them aside. After 23 years of marriage and four Aaum of distinction between them, and finally gave birth to a son of Louis in 1638.
And there is no evidence either of Louis Strange Things, but rumors said that the kingcould be that he was gay.

Source: Wikipedia

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