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Fisk: Middle East will not return as it was

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Predicted by the British journalist Robert Fisk that does not get the Palestinians an independent state for them when he presents President Mahmoud Abbas, an application to the United Nations in the Sea this week, but said the region will never return to normal.
Fisk said that a reporter a special Middle East, told The Independent British afterthought "However, the Palestinians will prove - if they have enough votes in the General Assembly of the United Nations and if you do not comply Abbas to pressure the Israeli and American - that they deserve to have a state."
They will prove to the Arabs what Israel made up by the permit, the more expanded in building settlements on land "stolen" when they describe it as "facts on the ground" and not in a position the United States and Israel that the Arab discourse with contempt and anticipate them to comply.
The United States has lost influence in the Middle East, and dashed the "peace process" and the "Road Map" and the "Oslo Agreement" and all that nonsense has become part of history, in the words of Fisk.
He spoke with a writer who lives in Beirut, Lebanon, a long period of time about what he thinks of the establishment of the State of Palestine, he wrote "In my personal belief that Palestine is not the only state in the awakening dreams, it is impossible created now that the Israelis stole most of the Arabs for the establishment of colonial projects.
Just go to the West Bank and look at what is happening there that did not believe me.Valmstamrat massive Jewish malignant and restrictions imposed on Palestinians not to build houses for them more than one floor and sealed until the drainage systems of the death, and roads for settlers only, all referred the West Bank into what looks like smashed glass front side of the car shattered. "
And continued with the saying "Sometimes I suspect that the only thing which prevents the existence of a Greater Israel is Palestinian intransigence of those annoying".
According to Fisk, that the vote on the Palestinian demand of the United Nations will split in the West, between Americans and Europeans and a number of other countries, and likewise between Arabs and Americans, and will increase the rift within the European Union between the Eastern Europeans and Western Europeans, and between Germany and France, where he supports the First Israel for historical reasons and show other Dgerha because of the suffering of the Palestinians.
British writer and concluded that the Sultan of America in the Middle East Satdeda this week because of Israel, "a great sacrifice on behalf of freedom."

Source: Independent

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