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Smoking affects the memory

Consequences of smoking are not limited to its effects on health and shorten your life and the incidence of chronic and deadly diseases, but transcended it to influence memory and forgetting the tasks carried out by smokers.
The new British study found that smokers may lose nearly a third of their memory daily, but quit the habit may restore their ability to remember information to the level of non-smokers about the same.
The Daily Mail newspaper reported that British researchers at the University of Rthampreia found that smokers lose almost a third of their memory daily, but their ability to Think Back to remember when to give up their habit to the same level when non-smokers.
The study included more than 70 people between the ages of 18 and 25 years, and asked them to remember details of the tasks accomplished various times, been the performance of smokers bad as remember only 59% of the tasks, compared to 74% remember to quit smoking, while able to non-smokers remember 81 % of tasks.
Tom Hever, said the researcher in charge of the study results of the study will be useful in anti-smoking campaigns.
He added that with nearly 10 million smokers in Britain, and nearly 45 million in the United States, it is important to understand the effects of smoking on cognitive function daily, which is an excellent example of the memory.
Hever said it first study showing that smoking cessation effect on memory, and noted that the research will be next on the impact of "passive smoking" on the memory.

Source: UPI

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