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Why do birds sing at dawn?!

As long as people thought that the bird song at dawn is to make people happy. But science has spent on this myth. Where we know that the song the morning is to control the location and sex symbol, too. The combination of beautiful voices, which are issued at dawn in the mating season is the result of male birds of conversing with females. And falling tones of voice from one section and the voice of the complex layers and multiple tones, and strong voices in harmony and beauty to the point where they are friendly to the human ear.
The advantage of bird song in the early days of spring as evidence that males establish nesting areas, with great acting and powerful way to announce their presence in a certain area. And their voices ring in the sky before and during the mating season, and then tapered hatch when young and gradually calm down when she grows young and abandon the region.
And able to Male birds, in the mating season of a massive effort by Ngradh has indicated a ornithologists during his research in the habits of birds, "Alsgnj," a bird singing, that the birds one of this kind sings more than 2300 songs per day, and that is established, the nests, even begin to interested female mating access, then enter the male voice and physical review to convince the female that he liked.
This phase may last several days before they accept a female and mating begins actually to have been baptized male violence, sometimes to keep his opponents for his area. But fortunately, and despite all the conditions are mating, and this bond lasts for one semester when some birds, but some large birds, Kalpdja for example, continue with the same partner for life.
Scientists say that 90% of the monogamous songbirds, that is, they stay with one partner, but some other types of multiple marriage, where the male paired with more than female (2 or more), or the female from mating two males or more. Research shows that the most beautiful Dawn is jealous of the hands of the male birds that practice this kind of deception. Vngrad bird Shadi "Alhazj" for example - a type of immigrants, has a short mating season - an unusual and varied depending for its activity. When the bird is alone, looking for a female, singing songs in a long attracted to quiet, and to secure the acceptance of female mating, so start singing love songs and the defense of the nest, short-short. However, multi-species Alazaug him, and when the male wants to attract another female, begins to move to the maximum extent of his area, so keep away as possible from the nest of the first female partner. And starts again Baltgrad complex term. So you think any female passers-by chance he was still alone and he has a good location to build a nest.
But usually the double deception of the parties, back when the first male to female partner, a male may find another solution has its place. The flytrap birds and sparrows movements of the same deception that we have mentioned earlier. Second, birds are not known Bngridha pleasing, but is famous for her voice monotonous, which involved the impact of special dawn chorus.
A group of scientists studying long-colony of birds around the league for the benefit of the American Institute of Scientific Information in Philadelphia. Has completed studies in 1993, where they found that this kind is characterized by dedication, as they had noticed that the parents in a nest are the mother and son, in a nest of other, they found that only two of the three young resemble their father in terms of matching fingerprints, althoughThey all share the same mother. The scientists took blood samples from a number of males in the neighborhood league revealed that the father of a small Third, live birds nest soon.

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