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Isra and ascension

Flowers in the Islamic faith incident took place in the middle of the Islamic message between the first year ten to year, the twelfth since the Prophet Mohammed that God sent Gabriel assigned a letter religious be sent to the tribe of Quraish, and then to human, it is the sequel and conclusion to messages Alsmealsabakh, according to Islamic history for the period of this term is to be called Biography of the Prophet is Isra trip that the Prophet Mohammed on the Buraq with Jibril to the night of his Mecca to Jerusalem in Palestine, a journey that denounced the tribe of Quraysh to occur to the extent that some of them became clapping and whistling sarcastically, but the Prophet Muhammad to confirm and that he later moved of Jerusalem in the heavenly journey, accompanied by Jibril Oouhsp Islamic expression taken up into the Pleroma when Sidra ending to the greatest of any place can be reached at Asamaaad later that night.Mentioned in Surat Al-Isra) Praise the prisoners of his servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which blessed him to Nrah of Our Signs, He is the Hearer, the Seer (1) (

The Muslim scholars assert that this trip was in spirit and body together, or what happened to her exaggerated denial of the tribe of Quraish, and this trip exceeded the limits of time and space. 

Ibn Hisham narrated in the Prophet's biography:

     He said: Then the Messenger of God family of the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, a holy house of Elia, and one card of Islam in Makkah, the Quraysh, and in alltribes

Ibn Ishaq: The talk of what I have heard about Msrah from Abdullah ibn Masud, Abu Sa'eed, and Aisha, wife of the Prophet, and Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, and al-Hasan ibn Abu Hasan al-Basri, Ibn Shihab Zuhri, Qatada and other scholars , Umm Hani girl Abi Talib, which met in this talk, all happens by some of the reported ordered when a family by, and was in Msrah, and said his scourge and scrutiny, and is of the order of Allah Almighty in his ability and his power, in which a lesson for men of understanding, and guidance and mercy and the stability of those who believed in the truth, and it is God and God for sure, Vosry by Almighty Allah wills, to show him the verses what he wanted, so he examined what he reviewed from his command and his power great, and his ability that makes them what they want.
Novel Abdullah bin Masood for Isra Was Abdullah bin Masood - what I have heard him - says:
Came to the Messenger of God) Balbrac - an animal that was carrying the prophets before him, put Hafarha the ultimate tip - he carried them, and then left by the author, see the verses in between heaven and earth, until he reached Jerusalem, and found where Abraham and Moses and Jesus in Navarre of the prophets had brought him, and prayed.. and then came three vessels, a jar of coffee, a jar of wine, and a jar of water. He said: The Messenger of Allah (): I heard he say when you offered: Taking the water sank and sank his nation, and take the wine and seduce Gott nation, and take the guidance of milk and guided his nation. He said: I took the bowl of milk, drank it, he saidGabriel Lee: guided and guided your people, O Muhammad.
Hassan novel for Msrah Ibn Ishaq said: The place for al-Hasan said: Allah's Apostle said: Whilst I was sleeping in the stone, because Gabriel came to me, Vhmsena foot, I sat down and did not see anything, so I went back to the berth, the second Fjana Vhmsena foot, I sat down I did not see anything, so I went back to the berth, Fjana third Vhmsena foot, I sat down, took Bedda, so I did with him, went out me to the door of the mosque, if the creature is white, between the mule and the donkey, in his thighs wings stimulates their legs, put his hand in the ultimate tip, Vhmlna it, and then left me and I can not fail Avute. [citation needed]
Qatada, a novel about Msrah Ibn Ishaq said: There have been all that Qatada said: There was that the Messenger of Allah said: would not go near him for Erkph the sun, he put his hand on Gabriel to know, and then said: Do not you feel embarrassed Burak, which are made, sure of what your knees before Abdullah Muhammad Akram for him. He said: Vasthia even refuse to race, then decided until his knee. [citation needed]
Interpretation of the word Buraq in the novels of Islamic
Animal is above the long white ass and mule, without putting at the very tip Haverh.
Back on the novel by Hassan Hassan said in his speech: He went the Messenger of God, and Gabriel went with him, he ended up to Jerusalem, where he found Abraham, Moses and Jesus in the group of the Prophets, the Messenger of God leads them and prayed with them, and then came Bainain, in one vintage, and in the other milk. [citation needed] He took the Messenger of Allah bowl of milk, drank it, and leave the jar of alcohol. said: Jibril said to him: the instinct guided, and guided your people, O Muhammad, and deprived you of wine. and then the Messenger of Allah went to Mecca, and when tomorrow become the Quraish tell them the news. He said most people: That God is manifest, and God that the caravan to expel, months from Mecca to Damascus housekeeper, and months to come, so Avivhb Mohammed in one night, due to Mecca! said, reversing many of those who were the safest, and people went to Abu Bakr, and they said to him: Can you, O Abu Bakr in your friend, it is alleged that he had come this night Jerusalem and prayed and went back to Mecca. He said: Abu Bakr said to them: you are lying it; said: Yes, here is the one place in the mosque by the people; Abu Bakr said: By Allah, while he had said was true, what you like of it! I swear it to tell me that the news of God to come to him from heaven to earth in hour of day or night Vosedkh, this is amazing to see further than him, then he turned on until the end to the Messenger of Allah (), and said: O Prophet of God, brought those people you come home this holy night? said : Yes; said: O Prophet of God, Vcefh me, I may Jith - Hassan said: The Messenger of Allah: He raised me until I looked at him - he started the Messenger of Allah () calls to my father Bakr, Abu Bakr said: ratified, I certify you are the Messenger of God, described him as something from him, he said, ratified, I certify you are the Messenger of Allah, even if finished, the Messenger of Allah said to Abu Bakr: and you, O Abu Bakr; that Day he called friend. Hassan said: Allah has revealed and those who converted from Islam to do this: (And We made the vision that Eranak only a temptation for people and the tree cursed in the Koran Nkhuvhm and increase them only what a great tyranny (60)).
This is good for circulation of a modern messenger of God. And the income from the hadeeth of Qatada.
He called to Abraham and Moses and Jesus Ibn Ishaq said: syphilis and claimed that Said ibn al-Musayyab that the Messenger of God's description of his companions, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, when he saw that night, he said: As for Ibrahim, and did not see a man like never Besahpkm, Your companion does not like by him; As for Moses, a man of Adam's long hit frizzy high forehead like men Hnuh; The Jesus son of Mary, a man with a red, between the short and long term, the tribe of hair, many Khilan face, as if he came out of Dimas, imagine his head dripping with water, and not by the water, like your men by the loop bin Masoud Thaqafi.
Novel or carefree about Isra Muhammad bin Ishaq said: It was what I have heard about something called carefree girl of my father, and her name in India, in the circulation of the Messenger of Allah (), it was said: Messenger of God as a family () is only in my house, slept I have in my house that night, he prayed 'Isha', then we slept and slept, and when he was just before dawn Ohibna the Messenger of Allah (); when he prayed the morning and prayed with him, he said: O Umm Hani, I prayed 'Ishaa' prayers with you as I saw in this valley , then I came home and I prayed the Bible, then you may prayed Fajr prayer with you now as you see, then he would come out, I took the edge of his cloak, reveals on his stomach like a Coptic folded, and I said to him: O Prophet of God, this does not happen people Viczbok § and Aadhuk; he said: God Ahdtnanmoh.
She said: I said to my ongoing Hbashah: Woe to Follow the Messenger of Allah () even hear what he says to people, and say to him. When the Messenger of Allah to the people tell them, Fajabua and said: What the verse, O Muhammad? I did not hear such a cat; said: I passed a sign that camels in Wadi Bani so and so such and such, Vonverhm sense of an animal, they refuted the camel, Vdallalthm it, and I am directed to the Levant .
Then she came back, even if you Djnan passed camel Bani so and so, I found people sleeping, and they have a jar of water had covered him with something, revealing his cover and drank what, and then covered it as it was; and the verse that Aaarham now aiming for the white, coral smoothing, by camel Securities, it Grartan, one black and the other Briqa. She said: Fabtdr people Tuck Algahm not the first to describe them as sentences, and asking them about pot, they put him Vobrōhm filled with water and then Gtoh, and that they are endowed as they found him covered Gtoh, and did not find the water. and asked others who are in Mecca, they said, Believe and God, I've Onfrna in the valley that you mentioned, we Lund camel, Vsamana man's voice calling us to it, so we have taken. « » 

Almarajalrcol story climb to the first heaven (talk Khudri for Ascension)
Ibn Ishaq said: Yahya related to me of not accusing Khudri he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: When finished, which was in Jerusalem, came Palmaraj, I did not see anything at the best of it, which is to extend your dead eyes, if he, my friend Voassadna it, so I ended up to the door of the gates of heaven, said to him: the door of peacekeepers, he of the angels, said to him: Ishmael, his hands under twelve A king, under the hands of the king of them all twelve thousand king - said: Messenger of God say when an event of this talk: What teaches soldiers of your Lord except He - When he entered me, he said, of this O Jibreel? said: This is Mohammed. He said, sent a Kindle? said: Yes. said: He called me fine, he said.
Owner-fire recipe stockist Ibn Ishaq said: Yahya related to me some of the scholars who told him that the Messenger of Allah, said: Tlguetna angels when it entered the first heaven, why Algueni king only laughed jubilantly declared, saying good calls, even met me and one of the angels He said, like what they said, and called as much as they called him, but he did not laugh, I did not see it from people like what I saw from the other, I said to Gabriel: 'O Jibreel of this king, who told me she said to the angels did not laugh, I did not see people like him that I saw them? said: Jibreel said to me: As if it was a laugh to you, or to one was laughing after you, you would have laughed, but he does not laugh , the owner of the fire.
Of the attributes of hell The Messenger of God: I said to Gabriel, a place of God who called you (and then obeyed the Secretary) not telling him to show me the fire? Said: Yes, O Malik, Muhammad saw the fire. He said, angered by its cover, he said: Vvart rose, so I thought to Take on what I see. said: I said to Gabriel: 'O Jibreel, times, let him return to the place. He said he told him, and he said to her: Akhbay, so she went back to the place that came out of it.. What is likened to the re-entry However, the occurrence of the shadow. even if you entered from going out to which the lid.
Show lives on Adam And Abu Sa'eed said in his speech: The Messenger of Allah said: When entered heaven, I saw the man sitting before him the lives of the sons of Adam, he says, if some of them offered him a good and pleased him, and says: spirit of good came out of the body of a good thing; and say to each other if he was offered: F, and the frown on his face, says, malicious spirit came out of the body of a malicious. I said: of this Gabriel? said: This is your father Adam, offer him the lives of his descendants, if passed by the spirit of the believer whom the secret of it.. He said the spirit of good came out of the body of good .. If passed by the spirit of the infidel of them and hated them Avv, and Stung by this, and said, malicious spirit came out of the body of a malicious.
Status of the property of orphans unjustly Eaters He said: Then I saw men Mchavr Kmchavr their camels, in their hands pieces of fire Kalavhar, Ikzvunha in their mouths, they come out of the backs. I said: Who are these, O Jibreel? Said : These eating Amul orphans unjustly.
Recipe consume riba He said: Then I saw men bellies have not seen them like Pharaoh's never been in the process, such as a camel passing through them Almhuma while offering to the fire, Atiounam can not afford to turn their place of it. I said : of these, O Jibreel? said: 'These eaters usury.
Status of the children of adulterers Adam He said: Then I saw the flesh of men in their hands a precious good, to the side sickly rotten meat, eat lean of virosa, leaving the good fat. I said: of these, O Jibreel ? said: those who leave what Allah has permitted them to women, and they go to what Allaah has forbidden them.
Quoted from a son to her husband from the other He said: Then I saw the posters Butdihn women, I said: Who are these, O Jibreel? Said: those who were admitted to men than not their children.
Ibn Ishaq said: Yahya related to me Ja'far bin 'Amr, from al-Qasim ibn Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, he said, intensified the wrath of God on a woman made to the people who is not them, and he ate Hraúbhm, and see their faults.
=== Details the rise of the Prophet in the heavens ===
Then he returned to the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed, he said, then Oassadna to the second heaven, and if the son aunt: Jesus son of Mary, John the Baptist, he said, then Oassadna to the third heaven, and if where his image as a man of the moon to full moon night; I said: Who is this, O Jibreel? said: This is your brother Joseph, son of Jacob. said: Oassadna to the sky and then the fourth, if the man asked him: Who is he? said: This is Idris - said: Messenger of Allah say: we offered a place and a high - said then to the sky fifth Oassadna If the middle-aged white head and beard, a great Alosnon, manhood, the most beautiful I have not seen him; said: I said: Who is this, O Jibreel? said This favorite among his people Harun bin Imran. He said: Then Oassadna to the sixth heaven, and if the man Adam, a high forehead and long, like men Hnuh; I said to him: Who is this, O Jibreel? said: This is your brother Musa bin Imran. Oassadna then to the seventh heaven, if the old man sitting on a chair to the door of the house the globe, enter it every day seventy thousand angels, do not return it until the Day of Resurrection . I did not see a man like Besahpkm, Your companion does not like it it; I said: Who is this, O Jibreel? said: This is your father Abraham. He said, then entered my paradise, where I saw under way to Aads, I asked her: Who are you? have liked when I saw her; she said to Zaid bin Haritha, preached by the Messenger of Allah ibn Zaid Haritha.

Impose in Isra and prayer Almarajqal son of Isaac: The hadeeth of 'Abd Allah ibn Mas'ud, the Prophet, what I have heard: that Gabriel did not come up it to the sky from heaven said to him, but when asked permission to enter it: of this, O Jibreel? says: Mohamed; say: Kindle sent him? says: Yes; say: God's life of a brother and the owner of! even ended up to the seventh heaven, and then ended up to his Lord, and requires him fifty prayers every day. Musa bin Imran asked the Prophet (PBUH) asked his Lord mitigation of his nation is in prayer, he said : The Messenger of God: Voqublt due, and when I passed by Moses son of Imran, and yes you had a sidekick, he asked me how much force you praying? I said: Fifty prayers every day; said : Prayer is heavy, and your nation is weak, go back to your Lord, Vasalh to relieve you and your nation. so she went back I asked the Lord to relieve me and my nation, he put me ten days. and then I had finished, I passed to Moses and said to me like that; so she went back I asked the Lord, to relieve me and my nation, he put me ten days. and then I had finished, I passed on Moses said to me, like it; came back I asked the Lord, he put me ten days. then he kept telling me like that Whenever I came back to him, he said, go back, ask your Lord, so that the position I finished this about me, only five prayers every day and night. and then I came back to Moses, He said to me like that, I said: has reviewed the Lord and I asked him, too embarrassed even to him, what I Pfaal.
It Adahn you believe them, and hope of reward for them, had a reward of fifty prayers written.

Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

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