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Google live fear competition

Executive Director announced for a "Google" Eric Schmidt, the group for fear of the competition despite the development witnessed by the search engine today, and was summoned to explain the Schmidt group practices during a hearing in Parliament in Washington.
Has been organizing this hearing in light of the investigations opened by the official circles of competition on the European and American "Google."
Schmidt said before the Sub-Committee in the Senate on competition and consumers' rights "is always afraid that users move quickly to other services, they are in the push of a button to move to another location in case they did not like the services provided."

He pointed out that the majority of the criticism directed against the group issued by the Californian does not like sites ranking in search engine results page.
"Whatever we do will not provide accurate results 100%, it remains a research objective, we can not satisfy all the sites."

Schmidt said - who handed the reins of public administration in April / April to a group's founders, Larry Page is 10 years of his tenure - that the group has learned lessons from the antitrust action, which affected Microsoft for many years.

Has exceeded the group - which was founded in a garage in California in 1998 - the limits of the search engine that is still a source of profit-President, and expanded its horizons to include sales, travel, mapping, video and office applications and operating systems for mobile phones and computers.

And controlled search engine alone, a share in the U.S. market represented 64.8%, surpassing the way ahead, "Yahoo" (16.3%) and "Microsoft" (14.7%), according to data released by the company specialized "comScore" in August / August.

Source: French

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