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Older Arab taxi driver retire

Aisha Yousef Ibrahim spend the oldest taxi driver (taxi) in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf-old bedridden the rest of the city of Aden in southern Yemen after a heavier burden spent nearly eight decades, including nearly half a century behind the wheel of the car.
Aisha Ibrahim and laments (73 years) on a long history epitomized certificates and photographs during their taxi driver since the mid-fifties in Aden, where she was still a British colony.
According to the certificates obtained from the British Governor of Aden to the ancient families and institutions, all of which were damaged by heavy rains swept through Aden in 1993 and included her room adjacent to the adjacent slope of hill.
Aisha Ibrahim and live in the neighborhood of the herd suburb of the town of Crater (freed the town of Aden) and a single shared her room a small radio, is part of her daily life.
And lives in a modest house in the neighborhood inhabited by poverty which is a one room like Bsardab does not exceed an area of ​​eight square meters.
The Traffic Department has honored Aden in 2006 and granted a certificate of appreciation as the oldest taxi driver on the island and the Gulf.
The existence of the island that what Aargaha after it became unable to move a young unknown years before stealing her car from the type of "Opel" in front of her home and selling their parts to scrap metal dealers.
She talks about her experience with pride and nostalgia to the past by saying "I worked a taxi driver since the mid-fifties did not happen during my tenure, which lasted nearly 45 years it had committed any violation or traffic accident."

Existence and descend from the town of Shahr in Hadramout are born to parents whohold the nationality of Somalia, has been moved to the province of Aden with her sisterafter her parents died.

Although he never married as well as the ordinary woman has not received their share ofeducation, where children of the neighborhood described as emerging from the womb of suffering when her parents died, the boys still do not exceed the age of fifteen.

Eisha career began earning a living in a small wooden booth in a popular neighborhoods Pkritr sells cigarettes and some ice cream before donating one of its neighbors, teaching her driving career.

At the age of eighteen years has been able to collect car for work and started a taxidriver offers delivery services to some families in Aden.

It describes an existence test with the car saying "I was the maintenance of the car itselfhas never been harassed or denied by one and you I have the respect and encourageby all."

In spite of what ties the movement of her body the day of the diseases of agingolder women do not show signs of weakness for the visitors, they are - as described by one ofits neighbors - "the intensity is inherent throughout the journey of life."

Said Mohamed Saleh Mohamed, who volunteered with his family to work on thesponsorship "does not know the existence of a taxi driver in Aden? Was very womandoes not dare to intercept a way."

Although it allows for women in Yemen, Yemeni, led by private car and giving themdriver's licenses without any obstacles, the existence of Abraham is the first among theleading Yemeni taxi.

The statistics over the past years and until October / November 2008 stated that in 1935a Yemeni woman who received a license to cars tutor them in 1196 in the capital, and 184 licenses in the governorate of Sana'a, and 141 licenses in the governorate of Aden,and 182 in the governorate of Taiz.

According to the director of the passage of Aden Adel Youssef has been observedrecently a large turnout of Yemeni women's driving, and that the number of women who obtained licenses through the leadership of the past three years up to the weakness ofthe statistics.

He hinted of the island to honor the passing of Aden to an existence comes to highlightits historic role as the oldest taxi driver on the island and the Gulf, "in recognition of the absence of any record of traffic violations."

Source: Al Jazeera

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