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Russia postpone the manned space flights

Soyuz vehicle to the moment of landing on the floor on Friday (French)
Decided that the Russian space agency to postpone the launch date of the next manned flight to space until November 14 next, at the time of announcing the landing capsule space (Soyuz) safely on the ground Friday morning, returning from the International Space Station, carrying three astronauts.
The head of the agency, Vladimir Popkovan It was decided to postpone the launch of the flight carrying astronauts to the International Space Station to November 14 next instead of 22 September / September of this, adding that the manned flight again postponed also from 20 to 21 December / December of the year current.
In the meantime, the Russian landed vehicle (Soyuz TMA -21) successfully on Friday morning at a base in the Kazakh carrying three astronauts, two of them two Russians and one American.
A group of rescue control center via radio that the crew landed safely on the ground, and the astronauts in good shape and the weather was good as well as in Kazakh.

However, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) said that a breakdown in communication devices where the landing had been cut off communication for several minutes between the spacecraft and control center in the town of Korolyov outside Moscow, before the reform.
The three astronauts stayed in the International Space Station since April / April. There are three other leading (American, Russian, and Japanese) are still on board.
It was scheduled to launch replacement crew to the station on September 24 / September but postponed the trip after the accident on August 24 / August to launch a ship unmanned Russian cargo was on its way to the station.

Source: agencies

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