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World War II

World War II is an international dispute began in the devastating July 7, 1937 in Asia, September 1, 1939 in Europe and ended in 1945 with the surrender of Japan. Armed forces of about seventy countries participated in the battles of air, sea and land.Is a World War II war totalitarianism, and the most expensive in the history of mankind to the wide spot of the war and the multiplicity of scenes of battles and fronts, in which more than 100 million soldiers, were parties to the conflict many countries and loss of life too, has lost World War II, approximately 61 million human being between the military and civilian.Incurring civilian casualties during World War II than any war in history, and attributed the reason for the aerial bombardment, heavy on the cities and villages, who pioneered the British army as soon as the Winston Churchill to power received by the Nazi army Similarly, fell from the civilians killed on both sides, add to the massacres committed by the Japanese army against the peoples of China and Korea to the list of civilian casualties in the deaths of innocent people and soldiers to 51 million people, equivalent to 2% of the world's population in that period.Could be argued that the war began in September 1, 1939, Germany invaded both Poland and Slovakia, and the announcement by France, Britain and the colonies war on Germany. Germany began to build a large empire in Europe, in the period between late 1939 and early 1941 Germany managed through a series of campaigns and treaties to control most parts of Europe.In June 1941, the Axis in Europe to invade the Soviet Union's largest military operation in history, this invasion consumed most of the Axis military force, and in 1941, Japan Dissembar United States of America, which pushed her to the battlefield.Axis defeat began in 1942 after Japan's defeat in several naval battles and the defeat of European Axis forces in North Africa and Stalngerad. In 1943 and after several defeats inflicted on the Germans in Eastern Europe and the invasion of coalition forces of Fascist Italy and the U.S. victories in the Pacific, began to withdraw axis on all fronts. In 1944 the Allies arrived to France, the Soviet Union was able to restore all the land seized by the Germans.The war ended in Europe control forces of the Soviet Union on Berlin and the unconditional surrender by the Germans on May 8, 1945. The United States defeated the Japanese Navy and the Japan Islands are threatened.

Source: Wikipedia

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