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Mexico to learn their children to avoid lead

Police carrying children through the exchange of gunfire in Mexico (Reuters - Archive)

Mexican children begin this year to see the article recently appeared in their approach is educational, is how to avoid the bullets.
And monitors the police in the Mexican city of some school bus routes, where they were shooting at a bus carrying seven children from a school Merecha last week.
LieA woman sends her children to school themselves in the path of a bus is different, the German news agency requesting anonymity, said the driver and one observer of children making the children to protect themselves lie on the floor, and after the shooting took them directly to the doctor psychological school to give his emotions.
In May / May, and in a school in Monterrey became a school kindergarten to a national hero, where children made Anbtahon on the ground and sing a song about the famous cartoon character, is a dinosaur, "Barney" to cover up the sound of shooting.
In some areas of the Mexican capital, you can see cars carrying bodyguards follow the yellow school buses to monitor the children's employers, these guards.
Although this is not a phenomenon affecting the whole country, several incidents have caused concern among Mexican parents and school children and teachers in recent days.
PoliceIn the tourist town of Acapulco overlooking the Pacific, authorities chose this week put the warning buttons in schools to be linked, police and air patrols and ground, surrounding the teaching facilities at the moment. The aim is to re-teachers to 52 schools to resume their studies education after three weeks of absence in the wake of extortion.
He was forced Mexican President Felipe Calderon to tackle the issue late last month to provide education grants.
Calderon told his audience of young people he knows they feel sadness, anxiety and distress because of the violence waged by some of the criminals against the Mexicans.He stressed that his government was doing all it could be to Mexico to live in peace.
There have been several incidents this year, including the schools, including the shooting last month, wounding four people waiting for the parents of their children in elementary school city of Ciudad Juarez.
In the past year, I started summer holidays early by three weeks in the state of Nayarit, fearing violence.
False reportsLast month saw a big incident in the state of Veracruz by a wave of false Internet reports of attacks on schools, causing desperate parents rushed to fetch their children.
And arrested a man and a woman and charged with terrorism and sabotage, for publishing what he called the rumors via e-communication "Facebook" and the location of micro-blogging "twitter", and still the two Ikavan in prison and face a sentence of up to prison for 30 years, despite criticism of rights organizations, civil answer authorities as inappropriate.

Source: German

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