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Earthquake hits Japan

Japanese experts have confirmed that the earthquake was magnitude 6.6 on the Richter scale struck Saturday in northern Honshu Island coast east of the country, followed by aftershocks, without reporting casualties.
The sources added that there were no reports of damage or announcement warning of a possible tsunami, "Tsunami" Although the number of aftershocks followed the first tremor hit about five degrees of severity depending on the Richter scale.
For his part, the U.S. Institute of Geological Survey and the first tremor occurred at a depth of 36 km at a distance of 108 km east and south-east of the city of Hachinohe, located 574 kilometers from the capital, Tokyo.
The Institute pointed out that this type of earthquakes often cause the occurrence of waves of a tsunami, "Tsunami" Although the center of the Pacific Ocean early warning of tsunami denied the registration of any strange activity in the level of the waves near the site of the quake.
Slightly higherHowever, the Japanese Meteorological Organization reported that its recorded a change significantly in the high level of the waves near the epicenter, but without reaching alarming levels, noting that the first tremor hit the area of ​​Iwate, which had already been largely destroyed by the earthquake that struck the north-eastern Japan in March / March and the last was the cause of the crisis in the radioactive contamination.
The agency said that the tremors Artdadetyn Tbata strong earthquake hit the first five degrees on the Richter scale in the same area surrounding the city of Hachinohe, and were followed by three tremors aftershocks other less strongly, but local police sources announced that it had not received any calls indicating the occurrence of injuries or material damage.
It is noteworthy that Japan - which is located at the junction of what is known as the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean known earthquakes and volcanoes - was on March 11 / March, a series of earthquakes and tsunamis that struck a number of nuclear power stations north east of the country damaged the resulting high rate of radioactive contamination in the affected areas.
Experts fear that impede the successive earthquakes by the region concerned teams work to restart the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Source: agencies

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