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Frequency splits and Syria, seven dead

Syrian forces launched last night, more military operations, especially in the province of Homs after yesterday killed at least seven civilians, while there were frequent splits in the ranks of the military, and demonstrations continued rhetoric of the fall of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The General Authority of the revolution the Syrian said seven civilians were killed in Homs, Hama and Lattakia in what was called on to meet the girl Zainab Alhsna (18years), which activists say that elements of the security or Cbihh snatched her frominside the Homs and then killed her and cut apart before they throw her body in a hospital in the city where found by her family when they were searching for her brotherMohammed, who was also killed in a demonstration.

And among those killed yesterday, Dr. Hassan Eid, head of surgery at the Hospital of Homs. While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that he was killed in front of his house shot by security, the official Syrian television said that "armed terrorist gangs" thatkilled him.

Escalation and divisionsMeanwhile, the continued escalation of military and security situation in most of the province. The forces moved into what is known as enhanced Bcbihh, supported by tanks Knakr town last night in Damascus.
Prior to this, security forces and the army had deployed in the always close to Damascus as well, and closed the entrances to the city. The parents refused to send their daughters to school with the frequency of reports of kidnappings aimed at girls in more than one province.
Yesterday and sent large reinforcements from the army, security and militia to Cbihh Rastan and short-Homs province, which killed over the past few days dozens of civilians dead and under torture.
And activists talked about powerful explosions caused by tank shelling in the dot last night that there were frequent Rastan which splits the military. They said the bombing targeted dissidents fled to the area.
Three people were injured earlier in the day shot dead by security in the Rastan when Syrian forces were also hunting for dissidents. Rastan and facing military and police campaign also includes new paneling, and short at the border with Lebanon, in addition to the village of Zafarana.
In the governorate of Homs, too, forced the Syrian security forces abducted the families of three girls earlier on the recognition that their daughters have run away with their boyfriends, according to The General Administration of Syrian revolution, residents said in short, more than a dozen people were missing.
Deal In Brief shield, the Syrian security forces yesterday arrested ten students including a girl during a demonstration, is still unaccounted for, according to other residents and activists.
Included military campaigns yesterday and towns Srmin Neirab and Qmenas Idlib province following the defection of forty soldiers and their escape from the camp of the vanguard.

Demonstrations do not stop
Thousands of Syrians yesterday challenged the campaigns of repression anddemonstrated in many towns and cities in solidarity with the girl Zainab Alhsna that joined the other victims died under torture, either directly for their participation in the protests, and their relationship to either of the activists hunted.

Active sites and broadcast "of the Syrian revolution" videos of demonstrations came outyesterday evening in Rastan and short, and in the neighborhoods in Homs. Other demonstrations were recorded overnight in Deir Al-Zour, and in Idleb and surroundings, and in Hama and its countryside, and in the shield of the station, as well as the field in the neighborhood of Damascus.

The other demonstrations were organized during the day yesterday and some of the participants in the imposition of a ban on the country air. The recorded demonstration in the city where protesters Idleb raise the flags of ancient Syria and demanded the lion'sdrop, as renewed protests in the city of endosperm.

And left the citizens in the Zabadani Brief demonstration in Damascus, where they shouted slogans against the Syrian president.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies

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