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10 dead in Yemen and the failure of mediation

Worsening political and security situation in Yemen during the last few hours that have been killed ten people and wounded others in different parts of the arenas of change, while the envoy left the Gulf Sana'a without progress in efforts to transfer power.
In this context, one person was killed and others injured in the courtyard of the change in Sanaa, hours after at least nine people and injuring dozens of sniper fire and artillery shells in clashes between forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and other pro-revolution in Sana'a.
The lifting of those killed during the past few hours the death toll to 85 dead in four days of bloodshed that ended the stalemate long and troubled that swept Yemen amid sporadic attempts to mediate in the crisis.
The forces that support the revolution in a statement to the protesters in the yard of the change in Sanaa, said the military confrontation has not yet started with the designated authority of the gang raped, in reference to forces loyal to President Saleh.
The statement pledged to continue to defend the peaceful revolution and not to be drawn into a military confrontation.
Emerged as a massive march in Dhamar condemning "the continued benefit of the crimes committed by his gang, his family and blood on the youth revolution in the capital Sana'a and Taiz." And vowed to march T. Ali Saleh and his son and his death and confirmed that they will not escape from the punishment of the people.
In the meantime, I went out a demonstration in the city of Ibb to denounce what he called the massacres of demonstrators in favor of a family in Sanaa and Taiz.

The youth revolution in the city say prayers for the dead, peaceful demonstrations andvowed to step up the revolutionary overthrow of the regime, even with all its symbols.

In the western city of Hodeidah Yemen came out a demonstration to demand the trial ofAhmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, commander of the Republican Guard and Special Forces on charges of committing war crimes.

In Taiz, eight protesters were injured when troops dispersed a force loyal to Presidentdemonstration near the building to maintain the call for decisive revolutionarygovernment headquarters and the closure of those forces and set up a security checkpoint near the governorate building and closed all roads leading to the Presidential Palace.

Gulf Initiative
In the meantime, the security reflected the tension on the political efforts to transfer power, and he left the Secretary-General of the GCC Abdul Latif Zayani Sana'a withoutmaking progress on the mediation efforts.

The news agency quoted the Yemeni as saying that he Zayani he had to wait until the"favorable conditions" to achieve this goal, indicating that the two sides are not close toreaching an agreement.

On the other hand a diplomatic source told Reuters that the United Nations plans to pull50 employees on Friday because of the deteriorating security situation.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies

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