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Dozens of protesters on Wall Street

Youth-led protests U.S. to curb corporate greed on Wall Street (French - Archive)

U.S. police acknowledged the arrest of 80 people on the eighth day of protests taking place in New York City, particularly in Wall Street, which includes the major financial markets, part of a campaign called "occupied the Wall Street."

The aim of the campaign - according to those who made it - to the extent of what he described as corporate greed on Wall Street giant.

The demonstrators carried banners denouncing the behavior of companies and demanding the imposition of taxes on the rich, and called on protesters to provide more money for health care.
The Web site for the campaign today that the protesters are looking at how to respond to the unprecedented level of violence used by U.S. police to prevent them from expressing their opinion about the major companies that control the destinies of the people.
It said that the police now surrounding the Square Union Square in Manhattan, which the protesters called the name "Freedom Square", pointing out that there is one policeman for each almost two protesters.

He justified the Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne, the city's recent arrests on charges including that it was unregulated behavior, and resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and attacking a police officer.
Brown pointed out that other arrests took place in the days prior to about 20 people since the protests began last Sunday in Lower Manhattan, which aims to draw attention to the significant role played by financial interests in force in the U.S. economy.
Hundreds of demonstrators chanted slogans against the U.S. financial system, such as "terrorists of money," and "Impose taxes on the rich."

Inspired by the revolutionsIt should be noted that the invitation to sit on Wall Street on September 17 / September, the current spread on social networking sites since the months of protests inspired by Cairo's Tahrir Square, a severe anti-protesters in Madrid for the way the government in addressing the economic crisis.

The protesters themselves as representatives of trade unions, students, teachers, families and the unemployed, considering that they represent 99% of Americans.

Her call is a media Adpastrz of intellectuals and activists critical of all aspects of the lives of modern American society.

The goal of the campaign to 20 thousand people flock to lower Manhattan, in order to occupy for several months setting up tents and kitchens and the establishment of barriers peaceful.
The Foundation has allocated for the event page on Facebook and Twitter and a special space on its website, in addition to the campaign's website.
It is noteworthy that President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials were attacked several times on Wall Street, accusing it of responsibility to the financial crisis affecting the country.
In a letter to Obama last year, he said that it was time to move forward in the implementation of real reforms for Wall Street, asserting that the Americans with new economic crisis unless Congress approves the bill, which emphasizes control over the financial sector.
Obama said then that it was possible to avoid the economic crisis if Wall Street was more likely to be accountable, more transparent in its financial transactions.
The U.S. economy is going through a severe financial crisis three years ago led to the bankruptcy of dozens of banks and giant corporations, and the unemployment rate rose to exceed the level of 9%, also reduced rates of economic growth, exceeding the total debt level of $ 14.3 trillion.

Source: agencies

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