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Facebook defeated Reading in Britain

An opinion poll showed that young people go out for the British reading the works ofwriters such as Dickens, Shakespeare and Keats to the concern of social networkingsites on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter.

The poll that young men and one in six young men are not able to read one book a month, and that less than half of young people choose to read a book outside ofcurriculum time at least once a month.

Instead, the children prefer to see the written word often via mobile phone messagesand e-mail and social networking sites on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter.

The poll asked 18,141 children aged between eight and 17 years old, conducted by the British charity organization (National Trust for Atrasa).

The director of the Foundation, Jonathan Douglas in a statement that the payment ofthese children to read and help them to love reading is the means to transform their livesand give them opportunities and new expectations.

She explained that the charity in the light of indications that the pace of reading directly related to collecting, there is an urgent need for new ways to encourage more young people to read.

She described the proposal of the Minister of Education Secretary Michael Goff to readstudents who have reached 11 years, 50 books per year, as a "big challenge" in light ofthese results.

Source: Reuters

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